About GeovitaTM

Geovita, “Life of the Earth” in Italian, originated nearly 100 years ago in an Italian region famous for its foods: the Piedmont. Our story begins with an ancient, family-owned mill and with the great passion and the know-how of Italian heritage and quality. Over the years these ingredients have helped us become a cutting edge company, a leader in the creation of quick cook grains, legumes and rice. Through a variety of processes from Research & Development to understanding consumer needs and taste preferences, to sourcing and production processes, Geovita creates high quality products enabling you to eat healthy and to live with vitality.

Long Standing Tradition, Quality, and Expertise

Today more than ever, Geovita’s values are an intrinsic part of all we do. Geovita Mixed Grains come in four different organic blends that have unique flavour, texture, and nutritious benefits. Altogether, our goal is to help you elevate your meals with simple recipes, great taste and nutrition in minutes.


Our mission is to inspire you through fresh, joyful, life-affirming, good-for-you foods and ideas!

Healthy Eating can be Simple too: We understand that living with vitality means leading a fulfilling but busy life. We want to help make your life easier to eat healthy and spend your time doing the things you love.

Respect the grain: Retaining the qualities of what makes grains and legumes a nutritious food is something we respect and stay true to, and always will.

Bring joy to nutritious eating: Today’s life is demanding and you want to love the food you eat. We believe in inspiring good food that tastes great.

Quality is the bottom line: Through Italian traditions and adherence to high Quality Control standards, only the best grains are selected.

Sustainable practices: We believe good, nutritious grains and legumes can be grown with sustainability in mind while providing you with the utmost care.