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Uniquely developed organic grains and legumes that cook in just 10 minutes! No soaking, rinsing or pre-cooking is required. Try the convenience, variety and great taste of all of the Geovita™ blends!

  • Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified
  • A Source of Fibre
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
Geovita: Rice & Lentil Blend
Organic long-grain white rice, organic yellow lentils, organic soy grits, organic red lentils.

Rice & Lentil Blend

Ready in 10 Minutes

The Geovita Rice & Lentil Blend is an everyday combo that adds the nutritional benefits of legumes to fluffy, fragrant long grain rice, conveniently all in one pot.

Enjoy the versatility that the Rice & Lentil Blend offers with a variety of flavours and ingredients. Red and yellow lentils provide an appealing pop of colour to all your dishes with a mild, sweet nutty flavor that won’t overpower other ingredients. Try this blend with your favourite stir-fry’s, curry dishes or as a partner pilaf to serve with chicken or fish.

Did you know?

Lentils are the earliest known pulse crops to man and are among the most popular legumes eaten worldwide due to their nutritional value and ease of preparation.

Pulses are also good for the earth; by converting nitrogen in the air to available plant nutrients, they can reduce the need for fertilizers and improve the environmental sustainability of annual crops.

Niçoise Grain Bowl
Rice Lentil Cranberry PilafRice, Lentil & Cranberry Pilaf
Teriyaki Salmon Grain BowlTeriyaki Salmon Grain Bowl
Tomato Basil Rice Lentil PilafTomato Basil Rice & Lentil Pilaf
Geovita: Wheat, Barley & Oat Blend


Organic durum wheat, organic pearled barley, organic oats.

Wheat, Barley & Oat Blend 

Ready in 10 Minutes

Enjoy the delightful texture and flavour that Geovita Wheat, Barley & Oat Blend can add to all your favourite grain-based recipes. This mild tasting grain trio retains a satisfying ‘bite’ after cooking, making it stand out in a variety of dishes.

Effortlessly pair this blend with a wide range of flavours and ingredients – subtle to bold, and savoury to sweet! Thanks to its pleasantly chewy texture, there is no fear of it becoming mushy when blending into other recipes such as soups, stews or salads. Try this blend in risottos, to soak up the gravy from braised or roasted meats or in hearty, comforting soups.

Did you know?

Whole grains, like wheat, barley and oats, traditionally take a long time to cook so are often overlooked for weekday dishes. You can now enjoy them in a fraction of the time due to our GeoCook natural steaming process.

Bruschetta Chicken Grain BowlBruschetta Chicken Grain Bowl
Cranberry Arugula Grains SaladCranberry, Arugula & Grains Salad
Mediterranean Mixed Grain Shrimp SkilletMediterranean Mixed Grain & Shrimp Skillet

Waldorf Chicken Grain BowlWaldorf Chicken Grain Bowl

Geovita: Rice, Buckwheat & Split Pea Blend
Organic long-grain white rice, organic hulled buckwheat, organic jasmine rice, organic green pea flakes, organic white quinoa.

Rice, Buckwheat & Split Pea Blend 

Ready in 10 Minutes

Meet the Geovita Rice, Buckwheat & Split Pea Blend, a bold and earthy combination of grains and legumes for your nourishment. Two subtly aromatic rice varieties balance the more robustly flavoured buckwheat and green peas for a harmonious blend.

With wholesome goodness that you can see and taste with every bite, this blend makes a terrific base to use in all your favourite nutritious recipes. Try this blend as a filling for wraps, accented with herbs as a simple side dish or in a grain bowl loaded with colourful vegetables!

Did you know?

Considered ancient grains, buckwheat and quinoa are actually seeds and called ‘pseudocereals’ (the name for non-grass plants that are commonly consumed in the same manner as grains). Both are gluten free and can be a tasty and nutritious alternative to other grains.

Cheesy Broccoli GrainsCheesy Broccoli & Grains
Falafel Grain BowlFalafel Grain Bowl
Golden Grains SaladGolden Grains Salad
Maple Glazed Sprouts Grain BowlMaple Glazed Sprouts Grain Bowl
Geovita: Barley, Spelt & Lentil Blend
Organic pearled barley, organic spelt (wheat), organic red lentils, organic green pea flakes.

Barley, Spelt & Lentil Blend 

Ready in 10 Minutes

Enjoy your food by choosing the hearty and satisfying Geovita Barley, Spelt & Lentil Blend. A tasty combination of toothsome grains and tender legumes to enhance the flavour and texture of all your recipes.

Did you know?

Barley has been grown for thousands of years and was a staple food for civilizations such as Egypt and even used as currency. Today, it is the fourth most commonly grown grains worldwide. Barley as well as other whole grains and legumes are a source of fibre and an important part of a healthy diet.

Barley Burrito BowlBarley Burrito Bowl
Greek Barley with Spinach, Feta & Lemon
Harvest Vegetable Grain BowlHarvest Vegetable Grain Bowl
Multi Grain TabboulehMulti Grain Tabbouleh